Environ® is driven first and foremost by results. The active ingredients contained in the Environ® range are of the highest quality, sourced from all corners of the globe to deliver the most effective skin care and measurable and sustainable results over time.

Our partnerships with our trained skin care professionals are vital to the success of our brand, therefore Environ is only sold in a professional environment where consultation and skin analysis can be carried out by trained professionals. Environ is therefore not sold over the internet or through mass market channels. Environ stockists benefit from the personal contact and trusting relationship established with their clients.

Clients and stockists alike can rest assured that we will always deliver only the highest quality products containing high, effective doses of active ingredients that have passed our own stringent quality tests. Client loyalty is the natural consequence of visible results.

We are devoted to the success of you, the skin care professional, and the health of your clients' skin which is why we focus on referring clients to your business through our dedicated client service department.

Environ provides in-depth, hands on training to develop your knowledge as a skin care professional and enable you to achieve the kind of visible results that will transform your business.  We offer hands on training in both Melbourne and Queensland (Brisbane & Sunshine Coast) as well as holding many Advanced Workshops throughout the year.  We also have access to a panel of medical advisors to answer any of your skin care queries and enhance the quality of the service you provide to your clients.

To be on your way to increasing your business profits by becoming a partner with Margifox Distributors for Environ, jane iredale or both contact us today.

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"Environs 'a beautiful skin for a lifetime' philosophy fits perfectly with our passion for long term skin health at Boheme. We have been a stockist since 2006 and in that time it has helped enormously in creating our strong brand and reputation for amazing skin treatments and client care. The step-up system of the C-Quence and AVST range ensures that our clients skin is always improving, becoming stronger, more luminous and healthier as the years go by.  Since adding the DFII (machine) infusion to our treatments, our skin therapies’ results have been much more refined. I love being able to tailor our skin treatments to each individual using sonophoresis, pulsed iontophoresis and a combination of the two technologies. Each treatment that our clients experience is slightly different and targeted to their needs with each visit.

The support that we have received from the Margifox Team has been a large part of our business growth, through constant training and updates. Knowing this helps me to keep my staff super excited about our industry and developing their own skills as skin therapists. I just love Environ as our core skin care range and I'm so grateful I took that first step years ago, it has contributed so much to Boheme and the industry that we live and breathe."
Kim Baker, Owner Boheme Skin & Body QLD